Series 45 - Fixed Center Drives
Mounting Details

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A. Controllable (mechanical) Pulley:

The standard controllable pulley is bored to size with a NEMA standard keyway.

These pulleys are affixed to the shaft by means of two setscrews located 120 degrees apart, with one of the setscrews located over the keyway.

B. Spring-Loaded Driven Pulley:

Our standard spring-loaded driven pulley is affixed to the shaft via our interchangeable collet, as illustrated to the right.

One end of the collet is tapered to match the tapered pulley shaft, and the opposite end of the collet features a drilled and tapped hole.

The drawbolt is inserted through the pulley, and threads into the back end of the collet.

As the collet is drawn into the pulley shaft, the tapers of the collet and pulley shaft engage, and the collet locks down with a 360 degree grip on the driven shaft, and results in a truer running pulley.

Eliminating the use of setscrews, and in most instances keyway and key, pulley installation can be accomplished in minutes.

Absent the primary sources of fretting corrosion, pulley removal can likewise be accomplished swiftly, even after years of service in the field.

C. Non-Standard Bores:

Always contact the engineering department in the event that you anticipate using a non-standard bore, or non-standard size.

By way of example, if you require a through bore in the spring loaded pulley, the I.C. collet cannot be utilized.

In this instance, we would bore the pulley shaft to size, but a discussion of keyway size and length as well as setscrew locations would be in order.

Likewise, non-standard bore sizes may warrant a discussion on attending keyway dimensions, and one time tooling charges to accommodate your special bore size request.