Interchangeable Collet

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Interchangeable Collet

Our exclusive interchangeable collet grips the motor shaft a full 360º for a positive shaft grip. In many instances, this eliminates the need for set screws.

  • Run out and / or wobble of the pulley is eliminated
  • Eliminates fretting corrosion due to vibration
  • Three or more bore sizes fit one pulley
  • Provides positive shaft grip
  • Pulley removal, even after ten years of use, is accomplished in moments
  • Easy assembly & disassembly

Simply Drop In The Bore Size You Need

  • NO more set screws to burr shaft
  • NO keys to bind pulley to shaft
  • NO more prying or hammering to remove the pulley from the shaft
  • NO more wobble due to bad fit between pulley and shaft

interchangeable colletts are available to fit your application.

special colletts are available for high performance applications.

Contact our Engineering department to discuss applications which may require greater grip than provided by the standard collet.