Compound Drives
Series 21 Classic V-Belt Drives

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Series 21- Compound Drives
  • Low Output Speeds
  • 2 Standard V-Belts
  • Fixed Centers
  • High Ratio to 9:1
  • Cam-Actuated Control Insures Belt Alignment
  • Spring-Loaded Pulley Insures Proper Belt Tension
  • 1/4 to 1-1/2 H.P.

Compound Drives

Model 4100, 4:1 Ratio

Model 6100, 9:1 Ratio

Checklist for Drive Selection

Determine Motor Horsepower @ 1800 RPM and Output Speed Required

  • Use the Horsepower Ratings vs. Output Speed chart (on each drive model page) to select the correct motor & pulley diameters which give the proper output speed.

Determine the Center Distance Between Motor and Driven Shaft

  • Select the proper belt form the Belt vs. Minimum Center Distance chart which allows the variable pulley to fit within the overall center distance. Belts are selected according to the diameters motor and driven pulleys to be used.