Specialists in the Design and Manufacture of
Variable Speed Pulleys and Accessories

Our Product Line

Serving the world from Cleveland Ohio, Speed Selector offers a complete line of high quality Variable Speed Belt Drives, Variable Speed Pulleys - from fractional through 100 horsepower. All of our products are proudly Made in the USA.

Fixed Center Drives

The Series 45 fixed center-distance drives accommodate applications ranging from fractional through 100 hp.

Adjustable Center Drives

The Series 800 and Series 8800 are both adjustable center-distance drives ranging in capacity from fractional through 40 hp.

Compound Drives

Speed Selector Series 21 variable speed v-belt drives are available in both fixed-center distance and adjustable center-distance configurations, and accommodate applications from fractional through 5 hp.

Drive Accessories & Components

In conjunction with the Series 45, 800 and 8800 we offer a complete line of variable speed belts, gearmotors, and tachometers.

Speed Selector Variable Speed Drive Benefits

  • Lightweight aluminum variable speed pulleys save.............
  • Permanently lubricated bearings
  • Interchangeable collets
  • One face moveable
  • Economical and reliable speed change on the fly.
  • Utilize the ideal speed without changing sheaves or belts.
  • Customize and enhance your drives with drive accessories and components.

Speed Selector Variable Speed Drive Applications

  • List to come
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