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Mechanical Variable Speed Pulleys & Accessory Components

Speed Selector designs and manufactures mechanical variable speed pulleys, sheaves and accessories. Our pulleys last longer than competitor's brands and we manufacture proudly in the USA. With our in-stock items, we are able to cross over to most other brands such as Hi-Lo, Lovejoy, T.B. Woods, Gerbing, Reeves and Lewellen.

We offer a wide variety of standard drive packages ranging from fractional through 125 HP capacity, and up to a 10:1 output speed ratio. We also make custom designed pulleys and accessories.


We manufacture and stock Speed Selector Pulleys that cross over to brands that have been discontinued or have long lead times. Our proprietary coatings outlast cast iron and other competitor brands by as much as 5 to 8 times.


Speed Selector is committed to instant shipment supported by a large inventory of pulley castings that we custom machine in-house. Standard pulleys and crossovers are in stock and ship same day; 2 days or less to ship if we assemble a non-standard pulley or machine a custom diameter shaft. Most Custom parts from scratch are available in 1 week, 2 at the most. Prototype parts for OEMs available in as little as 1 week.

Aluminum vs. Cast Iron Pulleys

Speed Selector has proprietary coatings for our aluminum pulleys that can outlast cast-iron pulleys by as much as 5-8 times. Aluminum has a number of other benefits such as lighter hung weight, heat dissipation and longer belt life due to reduced heat. If you are accustomed to cast iron, you should give aluminum a try as our aluminum pulleys will exceed your experience with cast iron.

Variable Speed Pulleys and Variable Speed Belts manufactured by Speed SelectorOur Product Line

Speed Selector Series 21 variable speed v-belt drives are available in both Fixed-Center Distance Drives and Adjustable Center Distance Drives configurations, and accommodate applications from fractional through 5 hp.

The Series 45 Fixed Center Distance Drives accommodate applications ranging from fractional through 100 hp.

The Series 800 and Series 8800 are both Adjustable Center Distance Drives ranging in capacity from fractional through 40 hp.

In conjunction with the Series 800 and 8800 pulleys, we offer a complete line of QD bushings, wide belt Companion Sheaves, and Adjustable Motor Bases: Series 800 for pulleys with one moveable face, and Series 8800 for pulleys with two moveable faces.

Series 45, 800 and 8800 also includes a complete line of variable speed belts, gear motors, and tachometers.

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