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Variable Speed Pulleys and Accessory Components

Speed Selector, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of variable speed pulleys and accessory components. We stand as one of the world's largest producers of variable speed drives and power transmission components.

We offer a wide variety of standard drive packages ranging from fractional through a 100 HP capacity, and up to a 10:1 output speed ratio.

Beyond our standard variable speed pulleys, Speed Selector has the capacity and willingness to develop made-to-order products to accommodate unique customer requirements.

Our specialization in variable speed pulley drives has resulted in a steady stream of product design innovations since the mid-1960's, which in turn have resulted in our reputation for unsurpassed product quality and performance

Engineering Tutorial

What is a variable speed pulley drive, and how does it work?

Click below for a brief introduction to variable speed pulley drives, which includes simple animations of these types of drives in operation.

The tutorial is generic in nature (it doesn't promote anyone's brand ... including ours), and is written with the non-engineer in mind.

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Variable Speed Pulleys and Variable Speed Belts manufactured by Speed SelectorOur Product Line

Speed Selector Series 21 variable speed v-belt drives are available in both Fixed-Center Distance Drives and Adjustable Center Distance Drives configurations, and accommodate applications from fractional through 5 hp.

The Series 45 Fixed Center Distance Drives accommodate applications ranging from fractional through 100 hp.

The Series 800 and Series 8800 are both Adjustable Center Distance Drives ranging in capacity from fractional through 40 hp.

In conjunction with the Series 800 and 8800 pulleys, we offer a complete line of QD bushings, wide belt Companion Sheaves, and Adjustable Motor Bases: Series 800 for pulleys with one moveable face, and Series 8800 for pulleys with two moveable faces.

Series 45, 800 and 8800 also includes a complete line of variable speed belts, gear motors, and tachometers.

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