Speed Selector has in-house Engineering experts who specialize in designing pulley systems to meet your horsepower, RPM range and space requirements.

  • Our Engineering Team will work with you to select the right Hi-Torque MVSDs® pulley system for your application or to confirm a cross reference. We cross reference from most companies that have closed, been bought by large companies, or have substantial lead times, such as Hi-Lo, Lovejoy, TB Woods, Browning, Reeves, Maurey, Lewellen and Gerbing.
  • Speed Selector helps OEM’s design custom pulleys to perfectly match your power transmission needs. Because we custom machine every pulley in house using state of the art equipment, we can make your custom pulleys in low to high volume.
  • Speed Selector has an R&D lab to test drives from 2 to 125 HP, which can help you validate a new design concept from start to finish. INSERT HOT KEY TO R&D

In order to help you with your project, we need as much of the following information as

  • RPM at the primary/driver shaft
  • Horsepower requirements
  • Desired RPM range at the secondary/driven shaft
  • Shaft sizes and configuration
  • Spatial constraints

Additionally, for Pulley Cross-Overs:

  • Manufacturer and Part Number
  • Belt Size, Manufacturer Number
  • Pulley Type (control or spring-loaded)
  • Pulley O.D. (outside diameter)
  • Which Face(s) move