Speed Selector offers a complete line of Hi-Torque MVSDs®

Mechanical Variable Speed Pulleys/Drives from fractional through 125 horsepower as well as cross reference to companies that have discontinued supply or have been bought by large conglomerates with long lead times.

All of our products are in stock for immediate shipment and proudly made in the USA.

Fixed Center Drives – Series 45

The Series 45 fixed center-distance drives accommodate applications ranging from fractional through 100 hp.

Adjustable Center Drives

The Series 800 and Series 8800 are both adjustable center-distance drives ranging in capacity from fractional through 40 hp.

Compound Drives

Speed Selector Series 21 variable speed v-belt drives are available in both fixed-center distance and adjustable center-distance configurations, and accommodate applications from fractional through 5 hp.

Drive Accessories & Components

In conjunction with the Series 45, 800 and 8800 we offer a complete line of variable speed belts, gearmotors, and tachometers.

Speed Selector Mechanical Variable Speed Drive Benefits

  • Hi-Torque MVSDs® have higher torque.  A 10 HP MVSD will provide similar torque to that of a 15 HP invertor drive.
  • Hi-Torque MVSDs® translate into smaller motors that cost less to buy  and are less expensive to operate.
  • MVSDs do not require an electrical circuit, reducing installation costs.
  • MVSDs tolerate overload, upsets, with no circuit/motherboards.  Overloads are common in agricultural applications.
  • MVSDs tolerate harsh environments, dirt, dust and just keep running.
  • Permanently lubricated bushings and sealed bearings.
  • Interchangeable collets provide easy installation and removal.
  • Economical and reliable speed change on the fly.
  • Utilize the ideal speed without changing sheaves or belts.
  • Customize and enhance your drives with drive accessories and components.